INEC claims Tinubu has secured 25% in FCT in final report

Are the Judiciary and INEC actually taking Nigerians for fools?

That’s the big question this evening as rumors of INEC claiming that Tinubu secured 25% in FCT in their final report.

When INEC started patching and changing FCT’s results recently, we knew something was fishy I thought they said ‘AND 25% in FCT’ doesn’t matter?

Meanwhile, from the results announced by INEC, BAT did NOT score 25% in FCT only Obi did Now in their Final address, they are claiming that BAT scored 25% in 29 states AND FCT While Obi scored 25% in 16 states AND FCT And that Obi’s only grouse is that the results were not uploaded electronically to iREV What a blatant lie!

Babatunde Basamosi wrote on Twitter :

“Mahmood Yakubu and his gang members at@inecnigeria are determined to incite a violent revolution that will consume them and their prezzdent select in Nigeria. We watched him announce the scores on National Television, where he announced with his own mouth that Bola Tinubu got only 19% in the FCT, and when confronted with that, he and his fellow buffoons have been saying it doesn’t matter.

Suddenly, after fiddling with the INEC server for the last 10.days, they have come to court to announce that Tinubu got 25% in the FCT. I now understand why Tinubu was waxing lyrical about coups in West Africa at ECOWAS the other day. At this point, NOTHING can be ruled out in Nigeria anymore, and ANYTHING is legal in the face of blatant roguery and illegality.”


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