Two Important Interviews on the Power of 25% in FCT (video)

Well meaning Nigerians have refused to be Gaslighted by the APC and their criminal rhetorics surrounding the legitimacy of their current government. First, imagine if Peter Obi wasn’t the person that secured the most Important 25% in FCT?….. APC would have capitalized on that to spit fire 🔥. “you see this 25% eeeh…’s compulsory question

INEC claims Tinubu has secured 25% in FCT in final report

Are the Judiciary and INEC actually taking Nigerians for fools? That’s the big question this evening as rumors of INEC claiming that Tinubu secured 25% in FCT in their final report. When INEC started patching and changing FCT’s results recently, we knew something was fishy I thought they said ‘AND 25% in FCT’ doesn’t matter?

Why Tinubu can’t be sworn in – Mike Igini (video)

As the Presidential election Tribunal pre-hearing commences tomorrow, it’s pertinent for Nigerians to be reminded of what the constitution of Nigeria says about who would be declared the President-elect of Nigeria. Former INEC REC of Akwa Ibom, Mr. Mike Igini earlier warned that no one would be declared a winner without satisfying the requirements of

INEC rejects Nigeria’s law, reverts to unknown law to cover corrupt track

The Constitution is the birth certificate of any Nation, it is organic. the Nigeria’s law clearly stated that before a president would be declare a winner, he must satisfy both conditions of 25% in 24 States; and 25% in the FCT, Abuja. So, FCT treated as a separate state. But the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has

More Insight on the 25% in FCT requirement Brouhaha

In one of my reports, I stated that Peter Gregory Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour party has inadvertently made most Nigerians lawyers and legal practitioners without going to law school or studying law. Yes, most Nigerians have taken their time to download and peruse the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 🇳🇬while waiting