Dark Room – Episode Finale

My Miracle happened! Yes it happened. The day started like every other day in prison, I had woken everyone up with my loud voice of praise. We did our devotion. By that time I had spent 35 years in Jail. I was 66 years of age We had just gotten a new president elected into

Dark Room – Episode 25

The flat was beautifully decorated, Daniel had done a good job with the house. The police officer stayed outside the door of the house as we walked in, I went into the kitchen, it was beautiful, the bedroom… was dimly lit, Aww… there were beautiful petals on the bed, a beautiful night dress was on

Dark Room – Episode 24

I formally introduced Pastor James and Joyce to Daniel husband, and they became really close. Daniel was always visiting me three times a week. He settled the woman his mother had married for him, the woman insisted on taking the children. Daniel was not disturbed, rather Daniel relocated to few blocks away from the prison

Dark Room – Episode 23

I spent another three years in prison before completing my book. Pastor James and Joyce were my best buddies, they always came visiting, they followed me for my studio sessions. They became my P.R.O, they took letters for me from fans, sorted out important ones and brought them for me. They brought homemade food anytime

Dark Room – Episode 22

I never saw Doctor Jack, Mama and Daniel again after that day, I had spent 2 years in prison before I had an encounter with someone else I had been longing to see. Pastor James had sent me a letter, asking me to add him to my visiting list, which I did. By that time,

Dark Room – Episode 21

A particular boy of about 10 years, rushed towards me and hugged me so tightly, I didn’t recognize him, but I saw love in his eyes for me, the police left him for a while, he said to me while crying and hugging me tightly… “You have been my mother since I lost my mother,

Dark Room – Episode 20

I walked into the police station,  I could literally hear my  heartbeat sounding loud and  clear. I stopped in my tracks as  I heard a voice telling me to turn back. No! I was going to own up. I had  done all the necessary things, I had given my properties and money to Churches, Charity

Dark Room – Episode 19

I decided to give my all to God on that mountain, there were times I wept thinking about all my errors… There were days, I was not fasting but I just went hungry, as I refused to stand up from my prayer position… All I needed from God was MERCY… Exactly, two months from the

Dark Room – Episode 18

I walked towards Baba Prayer and the policemen, but very swiftly to my surprise I saw someone who looked like Daniel my DEAD husband with a Fair-skinned woman walk past me towards the prayer Altar…. was I hallucinating? Right ahead of me were the policemen waiting, but I think I just saw Daniel OR was