The Man I Married – Semi Final

  Through the night, i could barely catch some sleep. Never have i been so clueless and restless like this. Folake, “what’s wrong with you?,” my husband asked though carelessly as he noticed from my countenance  how unease i was. I ignored him as i kept dusting the furniture in the living room. Ain’t you

The Man I Married – Episode 16

  Episode 16 [dropcap]H[/dropcap]e left for Lagos without settling our differences. He spent four days in Lagos without calling or texting. He left me worried and lonely. The one week marital bliss he introduced me to before he left was my undoing. Every night I feel horny but my man is far away in Lagos.

The Man I Married – Episode 15

    EPISODE 15 The honeymoon of my marriage lasted for one week until it was cut short by the devil. My husband was to proceed to a one month leadership course as a compulsory requirement for his ordination. He came home that day from church after his departmental meeting with a bag full of

The Man I Married – Episode 14

    EPISODE 14 I agreed with my husband to fill the form favourably on one condition. I sent him a text message on Saturday evening “I will fill the form as you want on one condition, that the day you lift your hand against me again, pastor will hear about it”. He replied immediately,