#PEPTUpdates : Everything About Shettima’s Double nomination & APM’s Petition

You’d recall that the PEPT Judges strike out APM’s Petition… Below are the reasons they struck it out…. The court have struck out some paragraphs 4,5,14,15 and many others of the Petitioners Reply to the Respondents have been struck out for introducing new facts. The court is attending to several applications which were made before

Nigerians reject staying at Home to watch court Proceedings

Are Nigerians going to fold their hands and watch these  greedy and the evil sets of people take over Nigeria to kill it entirely? According to David Hundeyin, “If Nigerians allow this unelected impostor regime to perpetuate itself with no pushback from Wednesday, be informed that no “international community” is going to do jackshit. Likewise,

Tinubu, Chicago State University, INEC and APM’s case

Some of the international legal issues facing Nigeria’s embattled and disputed occupant of the presidency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, are roaring back to the headlines. Despite the concerted efforts by the Tinubu group to muddle the legal inquiry, it’s important to note the salient facts emerging from his claimed alma mater, Chicago State University. Second, the