The Fallacy of Fuel Subsidy Removal in Nigeria

“The subsidy regime is gone,” he said during his inaugural speech and was applauded. Some persons have argued that the 3 presidential candidates proposed for subsidy Removal….. However, they didn’t care to understand how the other Two would have implemented theirs… At least, we have seen the lackluster approach Tinubu took and the bizarre effect

A sad Tale of “Un-holy” Poisoned Communion

This is a tale of a poisoned “Un-holy” communion by the man Mahmood Yakubu announced as the president of Nigeria. He removed Subsidy (without palliatives). Then he gave you a Bogus Students Loan, & Devalued your Naira (without removing your Forex Restrictions). He knows that Nigerians are gullible. MANY DON’T THINK! He gave you neither

APC Scam : Nigeria Air aircraft back to regular service for Ethiopian Airlines

The Boeing 737-800 aircraft which was displayed by Hadi Sirika, former minister of aviation as belonging to Nigeria Air is back to regular flight service for Ethiopian Airlines, live tracker has shown. Latest information on flight live tracker ‘’ show the flight is back to regular service for Ethiopian Airlines on its Addis Ababa- Mogadishu

Nigeria Air shamelessly returns back to Ethiopia

I think the Obidient Movement in Nigeria has re-awakened the sleeping consciousness of most Nigerians after 8 years of being under Buhari’s spell. These guys really took Nigerians for a long horrible ride and still doing it. Unfortunately, Obidients are not giving them breathing space. You’d recall that Nigerian APC government decided to scam Nigerians with

Zenith Bank trending for the wrong reason

Zenith bank of Nigeria is currently trending for one of the wrong reasons once more. Recently, customers of one of the most revered banks in Nigeria, Zenith bank have been complaining of serious poor customer service and failed or delayed transactions which was hugely alluded to the IT personnel of the bank mostly “brain drained”.