David Hundeyin exposes “Nigeria Air” Devilish scam (pictures)

David Hundeyin still remains one or the only investigative journalist still alive in Africa. His style of journalism is exactly what Nigerian evil APC government detest so much.

Thank God for social media… God bless Twitter… (their worst nightmare)!

Let’s go down to the brass tacks…!!

You’d recall that Nigeria Air: the corrupt and insensitive Nigerian government deceived some Nigerians by repainting an Ethiopian Airline as Nigerian air.

See How Hadi Sirika Rented Aircraft For “Static Display”.

David Hundeyin has gone ahead to further dissect in clear details with evidence the funny deceit and corruption on going with the fake Nigeria Air.

Let’s read below keenly :

The questions that Alhaji Sirika @hadisirika needs to answer are:

What exactly is the nature of the ownership and technical agreement between @flyethiopian and the so-called ‘Nigeria Air’?

Why did he spend billions of naira on this project to deliver essentially a @flyethiopian subsidiary?

Why is he fraudulently misrepresenting a @flyethiopian Beoing 737 that is still in ACTIVE service, and flew with @flyethiopian colours as recently as 6 days ago (May 21), as an aircraft belonging to “Nigeria Air”, that will be commissioned by the hapless outgoing president?


According to the Minister, Nigeria air would have up to 30 fleet in 5 years time, but they are starting with One plane ✈… Even the 0ne plane, they couldn’t buy….. Repainted a refurbished 11year old Kabu Kabu Ethiopian plane that Malawi Air had used as well…. Tụfịakwa!!

What do u expect from a Government that was celebrating DANGOTE REFINERY as though it was their project… 

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