Nigeria Air shamelessly returns back to Ethiopia

I think the Obidient Movement in Nigeria has re-awakened the sleeping consciousness of most Nigerians after 8 years of being under Buhari’s spell.

These guys really took Nigerians for a long horrible ride and still doing it.

Unfortunately, Obidients are not giving them breathing space.

You’d recall that Nigerian APC government decided to scam Nigerians with artificial and non existent Nigeria Air which made David Hundeyin to expose the “Nigeria Air” Devilish scam (pictures).

Even one of the APC beneficiary and chieftain, Adamu Garba couldn’t help but scream scam…

Anyways, ladies and Gentlemen, The Wicked and insensitive APC government have returned the “borrowed Aircraft” back to Ethiopia 🇪🇹 where it came from.

Shameless People…..


God bless David Hundeyin, the tiny bone in their throat for always coming through.

Imagine waiting for the so-called Mainstream media like Channels tv or TVC to give you such scam reports?

Again, God bless Twitter… (hope of a common Nigerian to be heard)!

How more wicked could these guys be?

Government having only a 5% stake in the so called Nigeria air.

Who are the investors that would gulp the 95%?

A single Individual like Allen Onyema of AirPeace could buy over 5 brand New Aircrafts but Nigeria as a country cannot afford to buy one aircraft.

Shamelessly, the scam of a minister had the gots to say… “35 aircrafts would be added in 5 years”…😂

By who?


Happy Sunday my people…. Say No to an Evil Government…

Take a good look at their faces.
.. Imagine how much they used in repainting that aircraft… It would buy a new Aircraft for Nigeria. 🇳🇬

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