Two Important Interviews on the Power of 25% in FCT (video)

Well meaning Nigerians have refused to be Gaslighted by the APC and their criminal rhetorics surrounding the legitimacy of their current government.

First, imagine if Peter Obi wasn’t the person that secured the most Important 25% in FCT?….. APC would have capitalized on that to spit fire 🔥.

“you see this 25% eeeh…’s compulsory question in JAMB.. Answer Number 1 and any other 4 questions…. 😂

On the Eve of  the General elections, Mike Igini, in the presence of Ruben Abati (who loves defending APC codedly) stated that the 25% is sacrosanct.

Watch the video above….

The second video was from Kadaria prio to the elections, saying boldly… That’s your Constitution about the importance of 25% in FCT…


Ladies and Gentlemen…. The judiciary can’t not interpret our laws based on how to suit APC’s unfortunate narrative…

Aside so many other Baggages to Disqualify Tinubu, this must be inclusive to fulfill the constitution…

I rest my case Mi lord….


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