More Insight on the 25% in FCT requirement Brouhaha

In one of my reports, I stated that Peter Gregory Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour party has inadvertently made most Nigerians lawyers and legal practitioners without going to law school or studying law.

Yes, most Nigerians have taken their time to download and peruse the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 🇳🇬while waiting for the legal journey of Peter Obi with the Judiciary.


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One of the most spoken or cited part of the Constitution with regards to the Electoral act is the 25% in FCT brouhaha.

So many interpretations have swirled round that important part of what a president must have before becoming he would be declared the legitimate president of Nigeria.

25% in FCT, Abuja

That little elementary English above have summarized anything anyone would wish to argue about the 25% saga.

Unless, when the argument is Bourne out of mischief, the grammar is very clear.

According to the constitution, Abuja is not a sovereign state with an elected Governor which makes the president the governor of FCT. It’s on that premise must a President score 25% in FCT before he would be declared the president.


We’re keenly watching….

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