Crazy Public Procurement awards in Lagos get People talking

The extent of rascality on going in the APC government is getting crazier both in Federal and state level.

You may think that the statistics you see below are photoshopped or not real but unfortunately, they are so real and disgusting.

A lagosian, Funso Doherty has revealed the gruesome and massive looting ongoing in the government of Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State.

He wrote an open letter where he published public procurement awards for 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2023 in Lagos.

This is crazy……. See details below



Lagos Public Procurement:

i. Air Fresheners: N7M
ii. Charter flights: N400M
iii. Consultation fees: N20B.
iv. Church renovation: N531M.
v. Fans, lightens & fridges: N2B.

vi. Monthly empowerment for the Deputy Governor’s wife: N30M.

This is the rascality Peter Obi talked about.

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