Peter Obi Happy as FGN reverses a bad policy

The job of an Opposition who truly cares about the welfare of the citizens is constantly pointing out the ill conceived government policies.

In this regard, one may wish to ask, where is Atiku Abubakar  and Rabiu Musa Kwamkwaso as the opposition or they are there waiting for the next election cycle to start from where they stopped?

The lone opposition voice, Peter Obi has expressed satisfaction over the reversal of the ill conceived policy of 40% IGR from the Tertiary institutions in Nigeria initially pushed by the Federal Government.

He wrote below :

“It is gratifying that the FGN has reversed its demand on the 40% IGR from universities. It is ab initio totally inconceivable that grossly underfunded universities would be expected to dole out 40% of their IGR to the FGN.

Moreover, that demand underlines a lack of attention to the persistent abuse of the TetFund, which is presently not being properly utilised to fund tertiary education as initially envisaged.


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In fact, FGN should promptly reorganise and revamp TetFund, to fulfil its statutory role of funding Nigerian public universities both Federal and State owned, and also in assisting those owned by voluntary agencies.

The time has come for the government to pay more attention to the financial autonomy of our public universities while fulfilling its statutory financial responsibility to our public tertiary education. -PO


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