The Game of Thrones in Rivers takes New Turn

The crisis in Rivers State is taking a new turn as Governor Sim Fubara is trying to survive and also showing that he’s not an easy nut to crack.

Rivers state House of Assembly until further notice would be holding their sittings right inside the Rivers state government house, going by the new Executive order that was just signed. Governor Sim Fubara is teaching some people Politics 101.


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The 24 members of the House that are loyal to Wike, are no longer recognized by the law and by the constitution.
They must re-contest for their vacant seats.

Governor Sim has also directed the heads of personnel of all the 23 local government areas of Rivers state to give him the comprehensive list and details of all the workers in their various local government areas.

Not political workers ooooh but Audited local government staff of all the local government that is verifiable. He wants to begin the payment of their salaries directly from the State to their various bank accounts. Sim is set to render the current local government chairmen that are loyal to Wike useless.

As one Kobo will not be given to them either for project, or payment of salaries. The state government will pay workers directly at the end of every month.

This is just the latest from Rivers state…

In all these, the people of Rivers are the ones suffering.

Wike, definitely would be planning another stroke…..

Sim 3-0 Wike 

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