Just In : Leader of the National Assembly Congress in Gabon arrested (video)

The leader of the National Assembly Congress in Gabon ( that’s their own version of Godswill Akpabio) has been arrested by the Military that toppled the Government of Gabon. Watch Video Below : https://twitter.com/felixbuezecyrus/status/1696923663394652564?t=yW8UEoLXxxU5cvs81k2TjA&s=19 The wild jubilation witnessed across the length and breathe of Gabon 🇬🇦 would only testify how long they had waited for

Full Blown Anarchy in Niger as Citizens stone Politicians (video)

The citizens of Niger Republic whose democratically elected president has been ousted by military coup plotters have resorted to stoning of their politicians who have plunged their country into anarchy. You’d recall that No difference between election riggers and coup plotters —as said by  ECOWAS Group. See reactions and what’s currently happening in Niger below.. Niger