Peter Obi’s influence keeps sweeping deeper across the nation(video)

Peter Obi, the presidential flag bearer of Labour Party has increasingly shown that his candidacy is not ordinary.

Over time, people are beginning to see that his presidential aspiration has grown past tribe, ethnicity and religious sentiments.

Now, the above message from a Ghanaian may be inconsequential as the person is not eligible to vote in the coming elections. However, it speaks volume on the reverberating influence of Peter Obi even outside the shores of Nigeria.

If the video below doesn’t touch you emotionally or even make you think for a second why this kind of love for that man Peter Obi, maybe nothing else would.

From the video, the pastor took his time to appreciate or talk about Atiku, Tinubu and when he got to Peter Obi’s turn, the atmosphere changed.

This can only mean one thing and only time would tell….

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