Nigerians ask, Where is Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

Nigerians are beginning to ask, WHERE IS BOLA AHMED TINUBU?, the President-elect according to Mahmood Yakubu of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

Bola Tinubu who celebrated his 71st birthday yesterday was no where to be found as he canceled his colloquium and rather demanded for prayers from Nigerians.

In all these, he remained hiden and far away from Nigeria where he is preparing to lead.

Whilst all these are happening, The DSS that are supposed to be neutral in all these are visibly issuing out more threats to Nigerians.

Currently, Nigerians whose mandate was stolen blatantly are so woke and seem not to be intimidated.

According to Tinubu’s spokesperson, he is in France relaxing.

Are we back to the situation where so many things about our supposed leaders would be embroiled in secrecy where Nigerians are meant to be unraveling puzzles?

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