Muslims Storm Polaris Bank in Droves to close accounts

A picture circulating on social media shows the moment Muslims went into Polaris bank branches to close down their accounts In a viral Facebook post, Aminu Soja claimed he went into the bank alongside his fellow Muslims to withdraw all their funds The development came after Polaris Bank manager sent an email to staff telling them that it is not the policy of the bank to abandon duties for prayers.


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Following a leaked email demanding that Muslims who work in Polaris Bank, especially their YES centre stop going for prayers on Fridays, many Muslims across the country have stormed the bank to demand that their accounts be closed immediately. In a widely circulated Facebook post, Aminu Soja said he and his fellow Muslims in Kano went into the bank, which he referred to as Bigot Bank and demanded that they shut down their accounts.

Soja, who shared a picture of many Muslims, especially from the North in the bank demanding the closure of their accounts, recounted that he and other Muslims went into the bank on Thursday to close their accounts but only succeeded in withdrawing all their funds and left without shutting down the accounts.

Las las…. Religion is the greatest problem to Africans……same Reason Atiku Abubakar deleted a tweet condemning the gruesome murder of Deborah Samuel by fellow Muslim–_

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