Is INEC really Whining or Joking with Nigerians?

Most Nigerians woke to the bizarre news of seeing Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC ably (still) led by Mahmood Yakubu Announcing that the results of forthcoming off-season Gubernatorial Elections in Imo StateBayelsa state and Kogi state would be transmitted electronically.


Such a shame to say the least…

Permit me to ask this question, “what’s really wrong with Nigerians?

Or what’s Wrong with NIGERIA 🇳🇬?

“On this note, let me once again reassure Nigerians that there is no going back on the deployment of BVAS for voter accreditations.


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Below weere the indelible words of Mahmood Yakubu before the Presidential Election to Nigerians…

“There is no going back on the TRANSMISSION OF RESULTS on the IREV in REAL TIME on the Election Day”

– Prof Mahmood Yakubu (INEC Chairman)

We have our receipts!!!”


Ladies and Gentlemen, till this morning, Mahmood Yakubu and his INEC crew haven’t finished uploading the results of the presidential election to the IREV and He declared Tinubu the winner with certificate of return issued.

Totally renegading on his words… The Electoral acts,… The Nigerian constitution all violated recklessly…. .Billions of tax payers money lavished..

My people, few months after… Same Mahmood Yakubu came out again to repeat same statements he made to Nigerians again……



Could it be that Mahmood Yakubu doesn’t have regard for Nigerians or no respect for the citizens atall?

What gave INEC the moral rectitude to still talk about IREV and BVAS again to Nigerians?

Such impetus….

The Judiciary of Nigeria have obviously become an extension of the Executive arm of the government..

Shamefully joining forces with the executive to desecrate the remaining fabric in the Nigerian constitution..

You’d see so many elites, educated people joining the band wagon, defending this charade of rascality.

You may ask yourself… Do they still have conscience?

How on earth would Nigerians ever come out again to vote?

Mahmood Yakubu has taken our Electoral system 30 years backwards….

And Nigerians are still watching…

Journalists like Ruben Abati, Bayo Onanuga and Mainstream media crew don’t seem to find anything wrong with all of these…

No wahala…

Good morning and Happy Sunday Nigerians…

– Written by Echezonam Jk ( a concerned Nigerian who seem to have given up on the project Nigeria).


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