Diezani indicts Zamfara Governor, Dauda Lawal for $9B fraud

Is Nigeria a nation or a jungle
where the corrupt and the fittest feast?

PDP Zamfara state governor, Dauda Lawal and Diezani were besties in money laundering and all sort of corruption…..very obviously!!!

Diezani confessed below!!!

“I’ve been accused of financial misconduct during my tenure as the petroleum minister, and it’s true! However, I would like President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Nigerians to forgive me, allow me to return home, and contribute because life is transient,”

Diezani tearfully stated.

**Revealed that Mr Dauda Lawal is now unresponsive to her calls and has collaborated with the UK police to subject her to surveillance, possibly to claim the entrusted funds upon her demise.

She said, ”My husband and my entire family members including My Nigeria lawyer based in the United Kingdom knew my relationship with Dauda Lawal Dare, the current Zamfara State governor whow I entrusted over 9 billion dollars for safe keeping while he was the Executive Director of the First Bank Nigeria PLC.


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Unfortunately, it has now come to a point that Mr Dauda Lawal is no longer picking my phone calls and even worked in Collaboration with UK police to put me under Surveillance, may be to claim the Money I entrusted to him when I die.”

The fittest Dizieni & Dauda lawal saga is just the tip of the iceberg of the amount of corruption on going in Nigeria..

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