BREAKING : Court Judgment In Rivers already leaked a day before ruling

It’s been proven that the Nigerian Judiciary is the most corrupt institution in the whole world maybe followed slightly by the INEC.

News are getting to us this evening that Pro-wike group in Rivers have already written their own judgment to be delivered tomorrow in Abuja.

Ahaahahaaaaa…….. Nonsense and ingredients country…

This is a leaked draft of an already written Court ruling of the Federal High Court 8 Abuja for an Exparte Application yet to be filed by the Pro-Wike former lawmakers, yet set to be delivered tomorrow, immediately they complete the filing to pave way for commencement of the impeachment of Gov. Fubara.

The recklessness of the Judiciary will set the country on fire 🔥.

Wike is distracting a fully elected governor from his duties and everyone is silent.
This doesn’t make sense


The Rascality is coming down to play home match in Rivers state….. Evil men shall know no peace ✌️..

Let’s see the Scoreline tomorrow…

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