7 Months After, Cause of Mohbad’s death can’t be ascertained (video)

The unfortunate news of the Mohbad’s  autopsy has greeted most Nigerians with sad feelings.

According to the lawyer, the cause of his death can’t be ascertained as reported by the pathologist as his body was already decomposing before he was exhumed

How did the body decompose?

He was exhumed almost immediately with blood reportedly still dripping inside the casket…

Like seriously?.. The videos are still online…


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Meanwhile see what @serahIbrahim said

Mohbad was buried immediately he died, and his body was exhumed almost immediately (almost 48 hours after he was buried) with evidence of blood still dripping. The videos are there.

The authorities said the autopsy has been completed.
They said they were carrying out investigations.

Why is it that after seven months, they are coming to tell us there’s nothing they can do?

And no, Mohbad was not decomposing when that autopsy was made, whatever is being hidden, will see the sunlight one day.

What the young man passed through was excruciating and it is just sad that once again, the tactics of “let us pretend to be doing something until the noise and emotions die down and we bury it under the carpet” has worked on Nigerians once again.

This is too sad to see. A young man killed for nothing.

What is the value of a Nigerian life?

Watch video below from the lawyer







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