Young Nigerians adopt “OBIdient” as movement, abandon PDP and APC – Obaseki (video)

Godwin Obaseki, Governor of Edo state has openly acknowledged the obvious fact that the status quo is fast changing.

In a media chat, the gregarious governor stated that the youths are currently taking over and they call themselves, “OBIdients”.

They don’t care about PDP or APC but the individual of Peter Obi.

The current reinvigorated poise to register for PVC is simply because of Peter Obi’s candidacy.

Watch video below

Meanwhile, someone wrote on whatsapp..

Stages Of Grief:

Stage 1 : Denial
😂 who is Peter Obi? Nobody knows him 😂 Peter Obi cannot even deliver his ward. He can’t get up to 5,000 votes in the general election.

Stage 2: Anger
😡 who does Peter Obi think he is?! Instead of him to remain in PDP, and the maybe after 32 years, he’ll get his own opportunity to lead. He is trying to split our votes.

Stage 3: Bargaining [ ⭐️ you are likely here now]
😇 The options before us as we approach 2023

Option 1
PDP – 21 million
APC – 16 million

Option 2
APC – 16 million
PDP – 11 million
NNPP – 6 million
LP – 5 million

Don’t spilt your votes. Doing otherwise will give victory to Tinubu. 🙏🏽

Stage 4: Depression [ ⭐️ Gov. Obaseki is here]
😞 The youths have made it clear that they are tired of both the PDP and the APC, this is the sad reality. Everyone you ask, they’ll say I’m #OBIdient. We need to do something about it…

Stage 5: Acceptance [ ⭐️ Senator Onyewuchi is here]
🥳 I am OBIdient!!! Let’s move this country forwards.

If you are experiencing any of these stages, please know that it’s ok. You’re not alone. Even this shall pass.

Love ❤️ and light💡

Meanwhile, OBIdients, keep applying pressure!!!

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