Where is the CCTV footage – Nigerians ask

Where is the CCTV footage – Nigerians ask

It’s 10days since the genocide was committed at Lekki Tollgate as the White in theĀ  Nigerian Flag turned red with blood

Although some Judicial panels have been instituted but yet some salient questions are yet to be answered.

Government haven’t said who ordered the killings as both Sanwo-Olu and the Military trade words of blames. Nigerians still ask, where is the CCTV footage?

Government are trying so hard to spin the narrative to be all about Cacovid as post-EndSARS protests have been marred with several looting of Covid-19 palliatives.

Nigerians demand for justice.

Nigerians need to know who ordered the massacre at Lekki toll gate.

Nigerians are watching and can’t forget 20-10-20 in a hurry.

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