When Love Dies – Episode 35


The airconditioned atmosphere heightened my suspense and tension, I practically boiled deep down with anger. I had been praying for a day like this to come, for me to unleash the hatred and pain in my heart. No Jupiter would stop me from doing what I had up my sleeves. Ol’ boy!! Karma is a b!tch.

” Are you sure its her ? ” Mimi said ” Wait!” she pulled me back ” What if you are wrong?

” I know its her. I am certain of it” I replied.

I tried to move, Mimi blocked my path and held me tightly , her hands cluthed onto my shoulders and she pushed me back a little. She knew what I had in mind, and tried to avoid a disaster from taking place.we had to be sure.

“Take it easy Kate ” She sighed then turned round ” at least, lets be sure ,before we act”

I had heard enough . I couldn’t get my anger constrained anymore

” Its her, I’m very sure of the face. I can’t easily forget it.”

I wanted to confront them immediately .I knew the little girl was Funmi. There was no doubt to it and the thought drove nanobots of anger down my spine.

” So what are you going to do? Mimi asked
” interrogate the child ? Like ” Hello , I’m Kate,I’ve seen you somewhere before, are you really my husband’s daughter /With another lady? ” She scoffed ” C’mon Kate, let me do this like a prof”

Elisha drew me back to seat. Mimi went forward and convinced the ladies and child (Funmi) after a short chat, to take group pictures . I could not hear anything from their discussion due to distance between us.

Mimi came back shortly and smiled.

” that was easy” she said and showed me the pictures ” Recognize anybody? “she asked.

” Oh God, No—– no. no” I said ” this is not happening, I should have known. She was a fake doctor all along.”

” Fake doctor? Mimi and Eli chorused.

I clutched my fist and pushed the seat backwards , I walked straight to their table and before the lady could say “jack”, I already landed two heavy slaps on the her cheeks. she barely recovered from that when darkness engulfed her again – a hot slap to the left eye.

” You harlot, you have no shame. How dare you ? You are such a devil. ” I barked my lungs out.

The second lady ( there were two of them) was shocked and confused , she nearly jumped out of her skin. Then she touched her friend and said

” Damilola ?.. Are you OK? ”

” oh that’s the name! ” I hit her again ” say something ,you devil. Are you dumb?

Mimi had followed me and waited for any slight opportunity to damage “somebody” . I couldn’t believe that the lady standing before me ,had dressed up as a doctor the first time we met,when Gabriel was hospitalized.

” Doctor huh? you remember me , don’t you?” I smiled and I pulled her shirt ” everything about you is fake and cheap”

She tried to say something ,”Kate listen, we are in the public, you are humiliat-”

” Shut up!!!” I cut in ” You had the guts to seduce my husband and even reproduce a child with him ” I pointed at Funmi ” that girl is the result of your cheap lovepeddlling huh? She is even as ugly as you are ” I hissed . ” And I’m warning you. stay off my man if you know what’s best for you.”

” Or what ? Damilola suddenly barked , her eyes became bloodshot red ” Go on ! Tell all these strangers that your man couldnt resist my charm and that he left you for me. You should have chained your beast of a husband—- if you think he is such a dog-”

” You bastard ”
I slapped her so hard ,that my palms became red.

She retaliated with a resounding slap . I flung the table over ,the plates and glasscups shattered to pieces. Broken bottles littered the floor. I pulled her hair and she dragged it back. It nearly went off. People tried to separate us. Fight had already ensued . I wouldn’t let her break free. She threw a punch . I hit her on the temple with my elbow. She jerked and struggled.

” Kemi , do something ” she cried for help.

Her friend tried to help. Mimi and Elisha pounded her with blows on the back. They pulled her to a corner and gang beat the life out of her.

Damilola grabbed a bottle on the floor. She charged towards me. I dodged. She accidentally hit her own daughter.

” Arhhhhhh!! Mummy , my head o .I’m bleeding ” Funmi screamed out in pain.



I thought it to be an illusion, until I checked the camera footage again. It was really Kemi and she stood helplessly at the gate . I had given her my address but I didn’t think she’d stop by so early, we just met .
I pushed a button from the control room to let her in, and went out to the living room. It didn’t take long before she came through the front door.

” You look like hell ” I said .I noticed her facial expressions.

She looked like whom had been tortured by Adolf Hitler himself and the Nazi’s . Whatever her ordeal was, her tormentors did a good job on her. One eye was almost blackened, and bandadges adorned her wrist. I suddenly felt pity for her.

” I got into a fight ” She began ” A crazy lady and her friends tried to end my life today , fortunately I survived ”

I was shocked and grabbed her on the shoulders.

” Come here ,Sit down .Kemi, tell me what happened. ”

” It happened so fast, ” She began” Damilola and I got outnumbered , three to two. Turned out, the lady and her friends had a personal beef with Lola”

” Damilola? The one you told me—”

” Yes, my friend who is a single mom ” She cut in and heaved a sigh.

I gave her a cup of water and sat into the cushion, next to her. I needed to hear more.

” Andy…she was a tiger, her anger was like no other ,in the end, Dami’s daughter got hospitalized”

” How? What happened? I asked.

” long story , but what I can say is that things went crazy and out of hand”

I cuddled her into my arms and gently brushed her hair ,but she jerked ” ouchh , my arm, be careful”

She had twisted it and I couldn’t help but laugh.

” What’s so funny” she frowned and hit me on the chest.

“Nothing ”

Kemi sat up and drank the water in the glass cup, her face became moody . I couldn’t tell what she had in mind, all I knew was that she sought revenge of whatever that happened. How she’d go about it was unclear to me .

” I am so angry right now. I feel like assasinating that witch called Kate” she blurted out in anger.

I moved back a little and looked her in the face..

” Kate ??

” Yea,Kate . You know her?

I had no idea if it was my Kate. It could have been anyone

” Don’t worry” I said and embraced her” there are thousands of Kate’s out there. It could have been anyone”

” This one is really crazy ” She retorted.

Then,she relaxed on my shoulders and the chemistry between us grew even more intense ,This was more than attraction, it was something greater and I could feel it deep down in my bones.

She pulled back and clutched her fist together .

” This so far from over ” she said ” Its very far–very far from over”.

I suddenly felt afraid as shivers went down my spine. whatever this lady had in mind ,it was evil and I would be lucky if she told me about it.

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