When Love Dies – Episode 32


She fixed her eyes on my scar and it pierced deep into my soul leaving me all cramped up inside. she tried to touch the skin surface where the scar had taken up its everlasting position as a reminder of what I suffered in the past, my uncle’s hardness and brutality; his babric attitudes towards me and why uptil date, his death remained a mystery to everyone else but not to me.
She sipped her coffee, it steamed of nice aromas that were indeed aluring to my senses, then her fingers came forward , every pretty phalanges combined in a single mission : to touch my scar. Kate had never dared touching it, but maybe she did, I couldn’t tell.

I withdrew my arms and pulled down the sleeves , I questioned the fearlessness of this new lady, she was outspoken and I enjoyed every bit of her convo but I won’t let her spoil my happiness.

” you don’t wanna touch it . Its gonna bite you ” I said hoping she’d not ask questions.

” Oh don’t be silly now ” Kemi said ” I just want to —You know what?

” Spill it out ” I said .

” I have never seen anyone with such a scar that looks so– so scarrish ”

I turned my eyes from one corner to another, looked at her and couldn’t take my head off the fact that she just fabricated a new English word , I was in for an adventure with this lady. . I broke the silence ,after a siren bellowed past the streets and jolted me out of my thoughts.

” So tell me, Kemi . Why are you so inquisitive?
I could sense trouble .

” I have to admit, you are one hell of a mystery box and I would love to crack that hard knot you put up as defence ”

” Really? .. Its good to know. Hence, we should take this further than just here, I could do things you obviously won’t start to imagine, things that are so kinky and yet surprising in nature” I said and bit my lips.

She drew her head nearer and whispered something deep into my ears, something you don’t get to hear so often.

” Don’t tell anyone , Andrew this is a secret between us, I’m so wet down there right now. So wet, baby”

She growled like a tiger into my ear and almost bit it off.
We immediately made way to my car , things moved so fast that I forgot if I had paid for the coffee. I hoped someone would draw my attention to it . We started off right inside the car , I ignited the car engine and drove off immediately to a nearest motel .


Her arms smooched my back as she engaged me in a lip lock while I found the lock of the door with my fingers. Eventually we were in, the door gave way for us and not so long, she undid the entire vertical line of my shirt and dived for my belts, she tossed it to an arm length chair.

” Oh God– Oh my– ” I mumbled as the tension was building up to an unbearable level.

She reached for my hard erected anatomy and did magical things down there.

” Oh dear– what the f–”

I was on the road to ecstasy and total c—-x , I refused to let her stop even though we just met that fateful day. I jerked suddenly , not because I wanted to ejack but because a touch on my skin drove shivers down my spine.Her fingers glaced through it, It brought back memories I wanted to forget: Memories that haunted me , pain was the theme song.

**why’d she touch it? Why the f–k did she touch it ? . **

” Stop– stop , I — just stop ” I shouted and pushed her so hard she hit her head on the chair behind.

” I’m sorry , if I did anything wrong” Kemi’s voice sounded ambivalent.

” Never , I mean never in your life touch my scar again”

” What’s so important about the scar? And why are you yelling at me? Do you think I’m some cheap love peddler? In short this was a mistake , I shouldn’t be here . mtcheww. I actually thought you were a gentle man ”

She jolted up from the floor and grabbed her hand bag , I pulled up my pants and held her arms.

” Don’t leave, I’m sorry– I over reacted . Maybe its the heat or something , I’m just , I just had a bad day , but please don’t touch the scar ,,try and avoid it . mmm?

” Tell me why, ” She retorted in a loud but calm voice .

” Shhhhhh! Soon, but for now don’t touch it ”

Then my phone rang,
I pushed Kemi away gently and grabbed the ringing phone on the table.

” Yea — Andy here, who is it? “. I asked the unknown caller

” Andy ” Kate’s voice echoed ” let’s meet, we need to talk. I can’t tell you on the phone , let’s meet, please”

I buttoned my shirts and pulled up my pants. What was so important , she wanted to meet in in person?

” uhm,–OK , where are you ?

” I’ll text you the address” She replied .

I hang up the line and looked at Kemi’s face , it was not so bright now and she wanted to know what was going on.

” Is she the one? The one, you – where are you going? You are not leaving me here are you?

” I’ll explain everything later. I will call you OK but , right now , I have to go” I said and dashed out of the room .


She waited for an answer to her question , I had none for her. I could see how she breamed with anger through her eyes. My decision was final on the matter, I was not going to beg anyone.

” Mama, I’m not begging Kate to come back to this house , she left with her two legs and most return with them”

” You are such a foolish boy . This is not how I trained you . You have grown up to be just like your father, you know what He did and you simply followed his footsteps. You abandoned your legal wife for some cheap harlot and you call that being man enough”

I hated to admit to her that Dami was not my mistress and her daughter wasn’t mine. Instead I let the sleeping dog, lay quietly.

” Mama, to be honest with you, Kate and I, in short mama, I don’t love her anymore and I know what I mean because– ” I paused “But why Mama? Why are you people making this thing difficult for me? You know, Kate left me . And you know I did everything possible to make her happy , but she left even when she knew that it was not a wise decision ”

I barely saw it coming but Mama gave me a brain resetting slap , the one that drove shivers down the spine.

” Keep quiet, ” She said in Ikwere language ( our native tongue)

” What do you know about love? You think its easy to just eject your wife and jump over to another family, you think its so easy to change wife like clothes? Well guess what I won’t accept that woman , no matter what she must have done to make you throw away your love for Kate’

We were not getting anywhere with the arguments and I wanted it to stop .I sat down and gently carresed my cheeks where she had landed the slap, if it were to be someone else, I would have given her the beating of her life.

” Mama” I began ” If you truly want my happiness , then you will have to accept the new wife I am bringing home and her daughter too-”

” Gabe, your wife is pregnant ”

I felt my heart quicken and the pace doubled. That was not the news I wanted to hear at a dreaded hour and time .

” What did you say? ”

” You heard me loud and clear , believe me , that child she is carrying is the only reason why she hasn’t filed a divorce paper against you . I can bodly you tell you that she has lost any atom of love in her heart ,for you. So don’t think she is on the loosing end, my dear its you who will loose ”

” What happens if she losses the baby? I asked without thinking twice .

” I don’t know, but just know I won’t forgive you, if you allow her slip out of your hands just like that ”

I engrossed myself into deep thoughts and looked up to the wall clock , time was ticking very fast and I was behind schedule . I had reasons to doubt if the baby , Kate was carrying ,if it was really mine . It could have been Andrew’s .

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