Twitter reacts to Nigerian government’s ban of its app

Most countries are beginning to react to the recent unfortunate mayhem in Nigeria as her government Places a ban on Twitter.

Could it be that Nigeria government in a bid to shut her citizens off the twitter space have shot themselves in the foot in the process.

Now, let’s see this..

Twitter has until its ban been the most handy and vital app through which the same government reaches to the public, sees how people view them, gets feed back, police and Army explains to the public any misconception and clears the air, etc.

Now, all the arms of government and her institutions are currently off the same twitter space. Non of them can tweet or ever respond to it whilst almost all Nigerians they intended to intimidate are back to the twitter app all thanks to the VPN. Nothing changed actually.

Second and most importantly..

The government is believed to have banned the app not necessarily because of the deleted Buhari’s tweet but basically to prevent Nigerians from showcasing what’s happening in the country to the world.

You’d recall that #EndSARS protests were coordinated basically on Twitter as another protest slated for June 12 still looms and definitely would still happen on Twitter.

Prior to this ban, most activities and shenanigans by the government were actually seen mostly on the Nigerian Twitter feed not until now, Nigerian Twitter feed ranks top in the world’s Twitter feeds.

Countries as USA 🇺🇸, France 🇫🇷, etc are already reacting to the ban as insensitive and malicious.

Finally, Twitter itself has made a post regarding the situation in Nigeria 🇳🇬

… This is definitely a well planned script to intimidate Nigerians and isolate them from getting information to and fro the world.


Unfortunately, the government would have to use VPN to view Nigerians on Twitter. 🚀

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