The Silent Path to a Youthful Revolution in Nigeria

Most Nigerians may not understand what’s actually happening while some are beginning to see the thick handwriting on the wall.

INEC has experienced some unprecedented surge in the recent days as Thousands of unregistered voters became suddenly interested in voting exercise.

What’s really happening?

Below are the reasons for the recent PVC surge.

1. Youth REVOLUTION : After the tragedy of the #EndSARS massacre, the youths inadvertently have resolved to send a message the leaders would understand loud and clear. End Sars protest would have been a Rebirth of this nation where so many evils would be laid bare on the butcher table for dissection. Unfortunately, that 🕯 candle was blown off.  2023 election is the only opportunity to take a huge revenge on those that denied there was never a massacre at Lekki toll gate.


2. PETER OBI’s Effect :

Prio to this year’s party primaries, Millions of Nigerians never were interested in any electoral exercises, hence no need for getting a PVC. From what’s happening now, you’d understand that many people never had options. They were being forced to chose between gross  incompetence.

This year, Peter Obi is out to change the narratives that would go ahead to change the normal electoral norm in Nigeria forever. A humongous 3rd force!


When Lai Mohammed banned Twitter, the government already saw the massive inherent weapon therein but unfortunately, there was actually nothing they could do any further. Twitter is the most powerful social media tool out there, ignore its power to your peril.

Like joke, the biggest protest in Nigeria, EndSars started on Twitter street and blew up like wildfire. Twitter is going to play a big role in the 2023 presidential election as campaigns are going digital.


Never had Nigerians been giving an opportunity to witness a credible 3rd force. Peter Obi is simply the game changer, the difference they never saw coming. From the surge, it actually meant that Millions of Nigerians never had a PVC and never were bothered not until recently. Why the sudden clamor in the entire southeast and southwest?

Now, people wouldn’t be forced to choose between PDP’S ATIKU AND APC’S TINUBU but also LP’S Peter Obi…… #Obidients


More celebrities, pastors, politicians are beginning to take stands and only time will reveal all.


Peter Obi is widely seen and accepted not as an Igbo president but A Nigerian president devoid of nepotism. Hence, why both Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba are supporting with “ntị ike”.

Finally, interesting days lie ahead.

INEC should endeavor to make sure everyone is registered.

Winter is coming!!!!!



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