The Man Peter Obi, their Nightmare!

A good product would get sold very fast regardless of any form of marketing or succinctly put, a good market sells itself.

Peter Obi is that brand most Nigerians with good conscience naturally gravitate to…

You can’t support Peter Obi and live with guilt… Yes, he is so different from the normal transactional Nigerian Politicians which he has proven over and over again.

Peter Obi today at Central Mosque in Onitsha to visit Muslims..

This was not a campaign ground…

No one paid those crowd…

No one mobilized them…

Peter Obi only extended a Visit to Central Mosque, Onitsha (pictures) and such mammoth crowd gathered to take a glimpse at him.

Those were gathering of Both Muslims and Christians alike..

Peter Obi is the Unifier they wished they actually are..


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Do you now understand why they can’t sleep with their both eyes closed?

They actually wish to know what PO does and where he goes, yet like a wind, he couldn’t be stopped.

Again i ask, have you noticed that no SINGLE TV STATION in Nigeria has ever invited Peter Obi again ever since Tinubu took over?

Think about it for a while!!!

God bless Social media and the Obidients soldiers…

Again, have you noticed…. Traditional Newspapers don’t carry Peter Obi’s news but always quick to carry Atiku’s periodic statements?

PDP actually gave Buhari 8 years scholarship and he eventually destroyed Nigeria for free…

No reasonable opposition… Nothing at all..

You see why Most Obidients don’t rate Atiku Abubakar or Kwamkwaso?

How do you claim to be a leader, while leading from Dubai?

How?… Can you show me any life, community or projects Atiku or Kwamkwaso have done in the North…. I didn’t want to talk about South East.. That’s asking for Too much…

You see, Most Nigerians don’t even understand the power they have..

Mahmood Yakubu of INEC, Justice Tsamani and the Iyang Okoros have done so much damage to the psyche of an ordinary Nigerian with what they did during 2023 elections…

Regardless, Peter Obi is the only Nigerian Politician who has proven to be different…

Some said, all he is doing currently is Eye service and Most Obidients say… Please, we need more of those Eye services as so many lives are genuinely being touched especially in the North with his Humanitarian activities.

Currently, a certain PDP member, Daniel Bwala who was former Atiku’s aid and now on loan to APC is saddled with a simple but herculean task…..

Help Reno Omokri to keep castigating Peter Obi…… 😂

Unfortunately, for any single lie or attack they tweet about Peter Obi, millions of truth about Peter would dilute it  even before it passes to Ore or Badagry…. 😂

Bayo Onanuga who pretends not to have been noticing Peter Obi can’t make two tweets without mentioning Peter Obi.

It’s really going to be a very long journey to 2027…

Only the Truth shall set Nigeria and Nigerians free…

There is reward for Good and Evil..

Till then, Peter Obi remains their Nightmare!!





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