The Deceptive tongues of Festus Okoye & Mahmood Yakubu (video)

Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC led by Mahmood Yakubu and Festus Okoye might actually be thinking Nigerians are fools.

Does a Referee change the rrules of the football game right in the middle of the match or would a goal post be shifted while the match is ongoing?

Certainly nope!!

Festus Okoye in the video below said it all, that in a situation where there’s disparity with manually collated results and IREV results that the IREV results would take precedent…

His boss Mahmood who dashed the hopes of Millions of Nigerians globally had reassured Nigerians more 30 times that results would be transmitted in the real time, on the election day, NATIONAL ASSEMBLY results miraculously went through but the PRESIDENT IAL hit the Orumo rock.

What a shame!

This is the period Nigerians would actually tell the two men who might have plenty of corns 🌽 in their pocket that they wouldn’t trade with their collective futures for their own selfish gains.

Men without character and principles…

Watch video below :

Mahmood Yakubu…..





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  1. Bishop

    The hole they dog will swallow them all

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