The Blind Alley – Final Episode

The Blind Alley – Final Episode


I reached to my phone and discovered i already had 33 missed calls. Going through, i found out it was Chukwu Emeka who had been trying to reach me.

Oooops! My phone was on silence all these while.

“Why would he possibly be calling me as if i travelled with his destiny, “i asked myself.

“Could it be that Papa had relapsed again?

I quickly flashed him to call me back since i didn’t have much airtime on my phone.

It was papa who rather spoke up.

“Obioma, why have you people decided to keep my eyes on the road? ,” he asked sounding so worried.

“i’m sorry papa, i intended calling you but things didn’t work out for us as planned,”i tried apologising.

“I’d explain everything to you once we return today,” i could hear him wheeze as i tried convincing him all was fine.

I heard some raucous sounds from the living room as i was still outside the corridor talking to papa.

“papa, please, let me call you back,” i said to him as i quickly hung up.

It was Semi’s father trying to find a way to pounce on Semi.

Mama and semi’s mum were the improvised referee trying to pacify the situation.

He was already belligerent such that his anger couldn’t be hidden any longer.

“Young woman, why did you allow the devil to use you?, he said as he turned to me with his face already cooked in anger.

His hands were shaking….. I could feel the rage.

I prayed the ground opened and Swallow me up……i was engulfed with fear.

I tried not to be defensive but kept pleading to him to forgive me.

Alas, he zoomed out of the scene and entered the room opposite their living room.

For a while, i thought he had gone inside to bring either a gun or a machete.

“Oh Lord…. Unto your merciful hands i commit my soul,” i prayed with a resolution to meet God.

Semi’s mother followed suit leaving only the three of us in the living room.

I heaved a sigh of relief after a while, he didn’t seem to be coming out with a gun.. …

“Otiti dịrị Jesu”(Praise be to Jesus) !!!

Bro. Mathew quietly came to me and held my hands. He had stopped crying and seemed to have known what to do as he held me.

Mama was already tired, famished and probably had drained all the tears in her eye lobes.

Oh My poor mother!!


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“Obiọma, “i want to reassure you that all would be fine,” he told me.

“Stop crying and worry less as God might be aware why this calamity has befallen us, “he kept saying almost sounding confident of what he would do next.

” If the news of this scandal got to the seminary school, he would eventually be dismissed. ”

” If we resolve to keep it a secret, someday, it would be leaked and definitely, it would backfire.. ”

I was locked up in my imagination, thinking of any possible escape route from this our Blind Alley.

I never knew that Bro. Mathew had finished making his own plans.

We later left their house for Onitsha after the parents reassured us that all would be fine.

My confusion became heightened as i didn’t know what Semi’s plans were…

I wondered what we would tell papa upon return from our sojourn .

His status in the church would be affected if people got to hear of the scandal . What would people say of me?

The legion of Mary president, Mary league leader and the well respected Obiọma the youth ambassador!

I was almost sure i’d run berserk if i continued in those myriads of weired thoughts….

Devil had finally scored a hatrick

Obiọma 0-3 Devil….

News later got to me that Bro. Mathew had dropped out of the seminary school. He voluntarily went to the Rector and told him the whole truth.

Definitely, the most lax aftermath would be to rusticate him but  he chose to throw in the towel honorably.

It was the hardest phases of our individual lives.

Our both parents.. People that looked up to us… We had to deal with the pungent stigma.

I had to defer my admission just to get my head cleared of the clogs.

Two years after, our son had already grown.

I named him “Chimaobim” (God knows my heart).

He looked so much like Ororo his dad.. .. Anytime i looked at him, i would simply laugh reminiscing on what i passed through before birthing him.

Yes, i later got married to Bro. Mathew and we lived in Awka as i continued my education.

My husband devoted most of his time teaching in the church as a lay faithful.

God found a way to forgive us, He gave us another opportunity to serve Him right. Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be a Rev. Fr Mathew anymore.

The End.

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© Every single detail on this story was an imaginative fiction of Ibezim Echezona of jkcyno stories . Any similar resemblance in names or occasions were merely a coincidence.

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  1. Waooo wot a nice ending, indeed lessons shld alwaz strive 2 control his emotions n hvin mind dat God wil strengthen us 2 resist temptations

  2. na wia!!! wat anecdote! all is well dear,may GOD BLESS THE UNION IJN AMEN. I’ OBLIGED MRS JKYNO for this wonderful story stay BLESSED too.

  3. I really love this story I was always anticipating for the next episode …..I wish more episodes to be posted a day shaaa. Will anxiously be waiting for the next story…

  4. Hmmm….quite a captivating piece. I read all the episodes without a single pause cos I couldn’t wait to read what will happen next.

    JK my man. U have good choice of words. Ur dictions, one can’t imagine that you read engineering in school and not linguistics.

    Kudos bro cos this is lit

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