The Blind Alley – Episode 6

The Blind Alley – Episode 6

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Through our journey from the house to the hospital, papa never stopped praying.

You’d notice his jittery lips as he intermittently peeped behind to see if Semi had passed on….

“Mama Obioma, “how is he?,” he asked mama with an x-rayed disposition of nervousness as he drove.

We arrived divine hospital at exactly 12:15 am but couldn’t find any doctor on seat.

He kept calling on the intercession of St.Jude, the patron Saint of the sick. Papa has inept knowledge of all the heavenly saints and their designated specialty in the time of need such as this.

The nurse we met on seat immediately took Semi to a private ward which was quite close to the reception.

Furtunately, Semi had regained his consciousness, at least he walked into the hospital with little assistance.

Never have we been thrown into such pandemonium in my house. I couldn’t understand how we would start explaining to the entire parishioners that the young seminarian that was kept under our custody had died in his sleep….


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“Chukwu ajụ”… (God forbid)!!!

“Nurse,” please what happened to him?, it was mama that asked as Papa kept staring at the young Semi trying to breathe rather calmly.

“Don’t worry mama, ”he is already fine,” she reassured us as she flung her phone pouch to dial a number.

Over the phone, i could hear her talking to someone i presumed would be the doctor.

Yes , semi was already ok and wasn’t wheezing any longer but hey…!! ..we deserve to know what really went wrong as to avoid a repeat.

“Don’t worry mama,” she said again after she cut the call. The doctor would be coming down soon, “she reassured us.”

The Doctor’s house was two poles away from the hospital considering how fast he arrived after the call.

At this juncture, Semi was already seated at the chair in the ward and sweating profusely.

The Doctor had quietly ran a check on him and discovered he suffered from a severe seizure as a result of asthma attack.

“I’d say this is a miracle considering the time you people arrived here and the time of seizure,” the young Doctor told us while still using his stethoscope to check his heartbeat and pulse.

“Most cases, some people never survive such attack expecially without their inhaler in possession and he must be very lucky to have pulled through,” he said as he made us believe he would be very ok before morning.

You’d notice the relief from our faces. I went to Semi and hugged him closely as i sobbed. Papa and Mama were so happy to have seen Semi alive again.

We arrived home very early in the morning with Chukwuemeka already panicking. I noticed he had giving me 38 missed calls.

“Hey, ” young man, are my with your destiny?…. I teased him.

Oh!, my phone was on silence… Poor him.

Papa wasted no time before inviting Semi to query him….

Nnaa, olee otu osi ẹ́mẹ́ gị (how is it doing you)?, Papa asked with keen interest.

“I’m really very sorry papa, guess I should have told you people that i’m an asthmatic patient,”he said with a very sober tone”.

It’s been long since i suffered from it and unfortunately, my inhaler had finished.

He looked so cute that morning. The innocence on his face, the calm way he was explaining his strange ordeal were simply phenomenal.

I didn’t even listen to most of his narratives, maybe, my mind was already preoccupied with lewd thoughts.

I’m only 18 and never had a boyfriend…. Papa had always suggested i become a Rev. Sister which i am still nursing the idea…..

Would i still make it as a Reverend sister?

Hang on for the Next Episode…

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