The Blind Alley – Episode 5

The Blind Alley – Episode 5

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“On that fateful night, ” it was a very cold tuesday night. It rained so heavily and there were total power outage in the entire neighbourhood.

Papa and mama had gone to bed just immediately after papa finished watching the 9 O’clock Network news on the television.

We often retire to bed early in my house as to be able to wake up as early as possible the following day to attend morning mass.

Laying with my face buried on my pillow and was about dozing off, i felt something climbing on my body… First, i couldn’t understand what it was but definitely it felt cold and a bit slippery…

I didn’t understand if i was dreaming or in a trance…I managed to use the torch of my phone to check what was going on and behold, it was a very big wall gecko that was using the warmth of my body for comfort.

“Jesus, “,i screamed in disgust. i hated wall gecko or lizard, infact, i always dreaded seeing any reptile or amphibians.

I rushed out of my room to Bro. Mathew’s room to seek for help…

I knocked for a while without any response. The door handle of his door was faulty such that a little push would fling it open.

“Semi”,Semi”…i called again in a low tone as not to disturb people sleeping….


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The continued silence got me worried that i pushed the door a bit and peeped….

Flashing my torch, i found Bro.Mathew laying helplessly on the floor grasping for breath sort of…..

I immediately rushed to find out what was happening to him.

“Semi”… “Semi”, i called him repeatedly.

With his head resting on my bossom, he could barely talk but tried making sign language or probably trying to explain his predicament to me, he gesticulated.

Quite oblivious of what he was trying to infer, i became terrified with fear written all over my face.

I came to his room to ask him to help me and kill the wall gecko in my room or at least chase it away so i would be able to  sleep without knowing that his own plight was far above mine.

I quickly dropped his head gently on the pillow and dashed out to seek for help…

With that momentary confusion, I hit my head so hard on the long black wardrobe in his room which was very close to the door while trying to get out… hurts but i barely had time to check if i was bleeding.

“Papa!!! .. “Mama”…!!! please help… “papa”… Someone help !! “i kept shouting as i headed towards papa’s room.

It was mama that first rushed out after hearing my raucous plea for help….

” What is it my daughter?, “she asked as Emeka rushed out from his room as well”.

“I don’t really know,” mama, i don’t know what’s wrong with Bro. Mathew, “i said with hot tears rolling down my cheek as my confusion became quite vicious.”

“Oh God, “let nothing happen to Semi”, “i muttered some little prayer as Papa immediately rushed out his room.”

“kedụ ife ọbụ Mama obiọma? (what’s the problem mama Obioma),” papa queried mama as the wrapper he was tying almost fell off his waist as a result of anxiety. ”

Mama couldn’t talk to papa as she rushed to Semi’s room to find out what i was trying to explain.

Papa, Emeka and i followed mama almost immediately to Semi’s room.

When we got to his room, he was still lying on the floor whizzing….

We could all hear him whizz….

“Semi, what’s the problem?,” papa asked as he quickly pulled him up with both hands.

Help me Emeka, let’s get him to sit , “papa seeked for help….

Please , let’s take him to the hospital,” i quickly suggested.

It was already, 11pm i noticed from the clock that hung on his room…

“That’s true, “papa quickly acquiesced as he rushed to his room to get dressed and fetch his car keys…..

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© written by Echee jk ibezim of jkcyno stories

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  1. Y wil she nt cal d broda 2 kill or chase d wall geko away? Why rush in2 semi’s room? Though she saved life i presume but Aya a diroya mma

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