The Blind Alley – Episode 24

The Blind Alley – Episode 24


The Angelus… 

“The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary, and She conceived of the Holy spirit,” the large bell rung as the Angelus prayer were unanimously recited from all facets of the school.

The raucous recitation of the prayer woke me. During my short aborted nap, i had a dream.

The dream was so terrifying that I was sweating profusely immediately i woke.

I found myself in a very thick forest with all sorts of wild animals. It was slightly dark but I could still see.

I was almost unclad as those animals were closing up on me. I didn’t know what to do but started climbing the tree in front of me. It was very slippery such that I couldn’t have a firm grip on its trunk.

In that confusion, I started crying for help. Turning back, I saw Semi approaching with a sharp machete .

It was at that moment that the noise from the Loud speaker reciting the Angelus woke me.

I didn’t understand that dream at all.

Why was Semi in that dream? What was he coming to do? Was he coming to save me or kill me with that machete he was holding?

All these unanswered rhetorical questions kept flipping through my mind with my head still resting on the handle of the wooden chair we were seated as mama tapped my right thigh.

“Obioma, Obiọma,” get up!

“Let’s start searching for the black he-goat with the aid of the sunlight before night comes,”mama dropped a very uncommon proverbial statement.

Did i hear her say” black he-goat”?…….


It was obvious mama was referring to Semi as a he goat almost literally.

“Mama, let me go and see if the Rector is in his office so I would table your plea to him….. Maybe, like i rightly said, he would agree to help,”the fat security man said to us before heading towards the main building.

it was at this moment that it dawned on me that my life was almost heading to an impasse.
My studies were halted, my life was paused, as i couldn’t even return to school to continue with my studies.

My roommate tried finding out what my problems were each time she called that a whole Obiọma stayed out of school for such a long while….it was almost impossible to her considering how i valued my academics.

Again i lied to her.. I only told her i was suffering from severe Typhoid and acute Malaria ++.

How I wished my predicament would be as menial as the sickness i lied to Jennifer about.

My whole body physique had changed as one would obviously find out i was pregnant without blinking even as my tummy wasn’t very viciously protruded.

Shortly, the man returned with his face full of smiles. I wondered what could make him smile as one who just won a Visa lottery.

“eeeehm….. Mama, i have narrated what you said to him and he has asked i invite you people over to his office,” he said to mama innocently.

“How i wish he knew the severity of what we came for, “i hissed as mama thanked him so lavishly.

While we were headed to the Rector’s office, i carefully browsed through the compound, peeped through every classroom we passed hoping to see Bro. Mathew.

Nothing close to his shadow was sighted …… Pheeeeew!!


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“Mama,good afternoon, sorry you had to wait this long, the Rector greeted mama as he apologised for keeping us waiting.

He was a very cheerful Rev. Father in his early 50’s i’d presumably say. It wasn’t what i was expecting as i thought he would be so fierce and strict regarding how the security man painted him.

Maybe, we were lucky or probably because of mama as he never looked at me twice.

“What can i do for you?, he asked even after the security claimed to have explained to him.

“Good afternoon” fada”, mama greeted him once again before breathing deeply.

Obviously, she didn’t know where to start again.

“Eeeeeeehm…. Fada,… we are here to see my son.. Mathew,”mama stuttered.

She often referred to Mathew as her son. She loved him so dearly and wished he was her own biological son.

“Ok, ma… Which class is he and what’s his surname as we probably have many Mathew’s in this school, he again queried us.”

Back to where we started, i neither knew his class, surname nor his phone number.

“Devil shame unto you, “i uttered silently in despair . How bad could it be for me already….. Poor me!

“Actually, he lived in our house during his apostolic work,” mama told him.

“St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church, Onitsha,” she explained further.

Oh! I see…. Thanks for accommodating one of our own….they told us how hospitable you people were to them, “he showered us with praise..

Only if he knew that the boy he sent to us had been my nightmare.  .

He quickly called another Rev. Father and instructed him to fetch for Mathew that did his apostolic work at St Gabriel’s, Onitsha .

He soon returned and told us that Bro. Mathew wasn’t within the school premises.

He said he had taken permission to travel two days earlier. .

Oh My God…… What would we do now , “i asked myself as little hot tears dropped down my cheek.

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© written by Echezona Ibezim of jkcyno stories

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