The Blind Alley – Episode 19

The Blind Alley – Episode 19

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“Oh lord, i know that i’m a poor sinner, have mercy on me, if it would be possible, let this cup pass me by,” those were the prayers I kept reciting as we headed home from the hospital.”

Mama cried all through, those painful cries that never comes out loud…more than a sob, that was what she was doing inside the taxi taking us home.

We got home and met papa eating, it was quite unusual to meet papa at home by such time. He normally would be at the building site inspecting his workers doing their construction work.

Aside being a prayer warrior, papa is also a building contractor with versed experience acquired over years.

He quickly stopped eating immediately he sighted us coming and rushed towards the central door to receive us.

“what’s the problem?.. Mama Obiọma kedu ife ọbụ? (what’s the problem), he asked mama with a very tensed disposition.

Mama left papa and rushed to her room instead. Her cries would wake a dead man if anything of such existed .

One would literally think someone had died….

The whole atmosphere was tensed…

Nothing would give me such a relief than the ground opening up to swallow me……. Hell No, it didn’t happen.

“Obiọma my daughter, talk to your father, what happened?, i’m a man and can handle any situation,” he tried persuading me to talk.

Did i hear him correctly? Did he just say he would handle any kind of situation?……

Poor him…..

Little did he know that this kind of news would swallow him up.

“Papa, i’m fine, i think i have little malaria,” i tried to lie in a bid to pacify the situation.

“If you don’t shut up that useless mouth of yours , thunder would shut if for you, “mama roared from her room as she made her way back to the sitting room where papa was seated with me.

“Papa Obiọma, Your daughter has brought shame to us, Obiọma is Pregnant,” she finally broke the “Nsugbe coconut” without any further reservations.


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It was as if Papa didn’t hear what she said correctly as he asked for a reiteration.

“What did you just say now mama Obiọma? ” he asked but in a very harsh tone.

Papa is very emotional and could fling to the extreme when anyone triggers his adrenaline.

“Obioma, is it true what i’m hearing?, he turned and looked at me very pathetically.”

“I’m sorry papa, yes, i’m pregnant as confirmed by the doctor, “i painfully told him.

Obiọma, you have killed me, obioma you have totally annihilated whatever i represent or ever meant in the church,”papa kept lamenting.

How on earth would i start teaching the youth about total abstinence and general morality whereas my own daughter has violated the most important clause…….

That was the first day i saw my father shading tears like a kid…. He was truly devastated.

Papa was angry i got pregnant but i supposed he was more infuriated considering his status in the church….to him, it was practically impossible.

But wait….! Papa had been wailing because he was told i was pregnant, what would he do when he realises i was pregnant for the Seminarian that lived in our house?, “i asked myself.

He revered Bro.Mathew so much..he called him son ….. Oh his dear son.

Nooooooo….. This had better not be Bro. Mathew.

After some while, papa picked up the courage to ask whom was responsible.

For a while, i thought of all the troubles revealing the true identity of the man responsible would cause.

That would obviously be scandalous…..

“are you deaf?, who impregnated you?,” he roared once more as his face was gradually turning red out of anger.

At this Juncture, i didn’t know what else to do but spill…..

“Bro. Mathew is responsible for my pregnancy, “i said as i broke down in tears..

” Who is Bro. Mathew?, “He asked.

“Hope you ain’t inferring it was the Seminarian?

Yes, he is… I owned up….

Immediately papa heard it was the same Seminarian that did his one year apostolic work in our house that got his daughter pregnant….

He fainted…….

My father slumped….


What would Obioma possibly do now? What’d be the way forward?

Hang on for the next Episode….

© written by Echee Jk ibezim of jkcyno stories

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