The Abomination – Episode 6

Mama left with Ope and the house was deserted. I went there to pick more of my things. After a week, Kassim called Toyin begging her to plead with me to forgive him and return home. She can’t return home just like that. In fact, myself and my husband are already filing for divorce between both of you. All these are like medicine after death. Go and continue to sleep with your sister, you beast. Toyin insulted him. You must be the reason why my friend had not been able…

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Married But No Sex – Episode 5

married but no sex

Immediately after Sis Rose left her 1 day old marriage, she traveled to a far place like the prodigal son. She went to live with an old friend from her primary school days in a place where nobody would know her. She quickly changed her phone number and vowed never to contact anybody until after three years. It was a nightmare for Bro Solo all the time she was away. He was married but single. In no time he was nicknamed “A man who married for one day”. Bro Solo…

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