#Subsidy : Have they succeeded in scamming Nigerians again?

By Echezonam Ibezim Jk

Nigeria, a nation with enormous natural resources yet scramble for crumbs. Would i heap the blame on the greedy and insensitive leaders or the citizens whose choice of selective amnesia seems baffling?

PETROL PUMP PRICE : One of the unforgivable sins of this present administration would be deceiving Nigerians into believing that anyone could actually venture into fuel importation.

Fuel subsidy : The most wicked scam of the century yet Nigerians are so incapacitated to say it to their faces…. “enough is enough”. ..

What a way to increase the petrol pump price. These sets ofΒ  Fuel subsidy benefactors would do everything possible to keep Nigerians perpetually suffering.

Rumours had it earlier this year that petrol pump price would increase and it was greeted with some massive rebuff. The toothless bulldog, “NLC” threatened to embark on a nationwide protest if they went ahead. Over and over, they have been looking for a way to make their sinister agenda of increasing the pump price scale through.

This is a country whose leaders would rather spend time planning for swift ways to lie and scam her citizens than think of a way to lift their suffering.

After some carefully thought out plan,they decided to import a “Bad petrol” with tax payers money to cause a momentary uproar. Sustain it to see what the citizens would do . Use Billions to supposedly clean it up (another massive cash out for their intentional mistake). Nigerians have ended up paying these “Petrol subsidy scammers” for a job well done and no one was sacked or sanctioned.

That’s just the game plan…..!!!

Let’s see how the masses would react, let’s see if they would keep buying at an inflated pump price whose control is decentralized. Those were their supposedly wicked thoughts πŸ’­

Can someone actually tell Nigerians why the fuel scarcity currently?

Maybe Russia Vs Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ war caused it aite?

Such a sorry nation….

“We don’t have electricity and there is no petrol to power the Generator set….” darkness is what they have thrown us all into….!

Obviously, the much awaited pump price increase has come to stay and yet they’re still suckling the “Fuel subsidy”…..

Where are the “team occupy Nigeria” during Jonathan’s tenure?

Congratulations 🎊 to them….Embezzlement and scam continues……

MMM ponzi scheme of a country!!!!


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  1. Nemelum

    That’s was the intention and it materialized..

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