Salient Questions trailing Fr. Mbaka’s utterances (video)

The charismatic and controversial catholic priest, Rev. Fr Ejike Camillus Mbaka who just returned from the monastery after the Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Bishop Onaga sent him to the monastery to have some moments of reflection has resurfaced with yet some controversial comments that’s causing stirs on the internet.

Fr. Mbaka is a vociferous one who still manages to speaks his mind always. Obviously, no one can gag him from speaking what he believes or wishes the public to know.

What was the Premise of his complaint? 

Fr. Mbaka during one of  his Adoration ministration complained that the alter of God has been desecrated as some priests were campaigning for some politicians and allowed political campaigns inside the church. He berated the entire Christianity as a religion in Nigeria for asking members to vote for a particular candidate.

According to him, heaven needs to be appeased, cleansed and sacrifices made to beg God to forgive Nigerian Christians and priests in particular.

This post is not one of those posts where Mbaka’s head would be asked for or one with the popular maxim, “Mbaka Ekwukwago ọzọ?” (has Mbaka spoken again?)

Recently, whenever Mbaka’s name trends on Twitter, most people open it with caution laced with premeditated fear of what he might have said again.

Meanwhile, whatever Mbaka said in that video is debatable and entirely his opinion which he’s reserved to.

However, Here are my few Questions for Rev. Fr. EJIKE MBAKA. 

Let me start with the video above….

1. Fr. Mbaka in 2015 had campaigned the hardest for Muhammadu Buhari right on his alter against the former president Goodluck Jonathan.

He knew he had the population and huge followership, yet he campaigned for Buhari and the rest is history.

My Question is, was that not on the alter?.. Who would cleanse it for him?

2. In 2019, Fr. Mbaka was obviously the official beautiful bride as almost all the politicians would run to his Adoration Ministry in Enugu to either get his approval, Blessings and laudable campaign right on his alter, in front of his mammoth congregation.

It was in 2019 that he fell out with Peter Obi after he tried coercing Peter Obi to make a public pronouncement of donations of which he consistently declined.

The question is, where did this happen? On top of Mbaka’s alter and the church.

So many other APC Governors and politicians came to same alter and campaigns were made and endorsements were made….

Yet, the alter wasn’t desecrated and wasn’t cleansed..

Away from Fr. Mbaka and his Adoration ground, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the APC whom. MABAKA devoutly campaigned for decided to ignore Millions of Christians worshippers in Nigeria and chose a Muslim-Muslim ticket in a circular state as Nigeria.

I haven’t heard much from Mbaka and so many revered pastors in Nigeria.

To worsen it, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and His Muslim-Muslim ticket holders decided to desecrate the entire Christian religion in Nigeria, especially the Orthodox churches by renting FAKE BISHOPS and clergymen all dressed in Priestly robes. In Muslim religion, that would be termed blasphemous and most people would have died do to that.

Tinubu’s fake Bishops


Mbaka is yet to hear about that, i may assume since he was away…

So many Christians became politically aware this period, picked interest, decided to change the narratives simply because they thought their votes would count. Guess what, their votes never counted.

One may think that upon Mbaka’s return, he would take his time go ask questions or go through all that transpired during the RIGGED elections.

The only person that needs to apologize to GOD AND NIGERIANS is Mahmood Yakubu  for deceiving Nigerians by giving Nigerians the worst elections in African history.

Dear Fr Mbaka, as you’re pleading for forgiveness from God unbehalf of the priests, kindly help us ask BUHARI AND MAHMOOD YAKUBU to give Nigerians the votes we casted. Ask him not to cast more darkness and depression on Nigerians by imposing whom majority of Nigerians didn’t vote for.

One may thought that after you condemned what you said Christians did, you would have used same energy to condemn what Mahmood just did with Buhari’s consent.. Or haven’t you seen and heard too?

Thanks and God bless.


Just a reminder…


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