Rude Female Uber Rider assault driver (video)

Nigerians have berated a young lady who seemed to have assaulted an E-hailing driver she booked.

The video clip making waves online showed where the lady was hauling all sorts of abusive names on the driver of either Uber or Bolt over what seemed like a disagreement between the two.

The smart driver decided to record the conversation that later saw the lady hitting the driver from the rear seat.


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The young man fortunately maintained his peace while giving her a stern warning. From the driver, she had hit him twice and another female voice  was heard calling her name like a father would call an erring daughter…. “Tope.. Tope”..

Watch video below

See reactions…

“Thank God say no be me this kind girl hit o…..I swear na Aboliki go be her food for the next 2weeks”

“They won’t post or comment as long as it is the other gender in question. If he now attack her like this, war go start 😏”

“Nawa For this guy oo. Just dislocate both hands and she will never raise her hand against a man as long as she lives”

This one is too wild please. What kind of rubbish is this??? Street fighter.

If it where to be other way round….. world war 5

Most of these disagreements are coming from the females, why is that? This is totally wrong. On no account should she have hit that Bolt or Uber driver. Understanding matters a lot

There has to be a way to punish erring riders as this too but they are so hungry for customers. A ban or month(s) of no service to such a rider.
She obviously have very little regard for men without money

What do you think?

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  1. Nemelum

    This is bad…imagine what she will do in her husband’s house

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