RED LINE : Nigerians blast Adamu Garba for supporting Murder

In the wake of the ongoing Crisis in Sokoto state after a Christian Female Student was murdered in cold blood,so many extremists Muslims have come online to defend the gruesome murder of a human being citing blasphemy.

Quite unfortunately, a former Senator, Adamu Garba, has made a tweet which was rather too painful for someone to uphold a gruesome murder of a human being for religious Sake.


A RED LINE is trending, according to them, anyone who speaks against their Allah has crossed a Red line….

It is sad that we have to remind ourselves that murder is a redline that must never be crossed and that human life is a sacred entity that must always be preserved.

This is the consequence from the psychological destruction that religious brainwashing has done to us as a people.

Meanwhile, not all Muslims share in same mundane and barbaric view as Adamu Garba.

I am glad to note that such dangerous belief which Upholds gruesome muder of a human being isn’t accepted by all Muslims.

This is so unfortunate….


Meanwhile, Deborah has been buried…



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One Thought to “RED LINE : Nigerians blast Adamu Garba for supporting Murder”

  1. Nemelum

    How on earth will a learned senator speak as a fool, its OK.. Karma is watching, what goes around, comes around… Rest in peace..Deborah

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