Popular APC supporter, “Posh Mama” is dead

A Popular APC supporter, Posh Mama who was quite notable for dishing out insensitive posts on Twitter mocking innocent Nigerians has died.

She posted on her X account about the difficulty she was having from getting more blood as a pint of blood goes for as high as N50, 000 per pint.

David Hundeyin wrote below :

All that bile, all that viciousness, all that lack of basic humanity, all that willingness to destroy every shred of personal goodwill one has for the sake of one drug trafficking golden calf of a politician who comes from “your tribe,” only to end up dying an avoidable death inside a cheap hospital room that looks like it came from the set of a 2003 Nollywood home video.

Nobody from the camp of that drug lord politician goes to a Nigerian hospital for any reason. Not him, not his family members, not his aides, not his political associates, not the aides of his family members. Depending on their rank, they will go to Baltimore, London, Munich, Paris, Riyadh, Dubai, or at least Mumbai to fix their health problems.

You who is not in that camp or anywhere close to it; you who was born in Egbeda and raised in Alimosho; you who is most heavily exposed to the terrible Nigerian system that other people are trying to change; you who has probably never entered a plane or left Nigeria before; you who has the most to lose from the status quo continuing, and the most to gain from reform – you are the one who goes to the vilest, most unnecessary and unthinkable extremes to fight for the very system that will turn around and kill you, then hush your death for 4 months so that people will not laugh on Twitter.

It’s not as if this phenomenon is unique to Nigeria. I’ve also seen it firsthand in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Cameroon. But at least in all of those places, regardless of whatever other problems they have, when they flip their light switches on, the lights come on 100% of the time.

The only place on the planet where I have ever seen prisoners defending taking pride in their hellish, stinky, overcrowded, dark, dangerous and dilapidated prison is Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Netizens are rather happy she had passed on due to how she mocked the late Dr. Chinelo.. You remember : 8 persons confirmed dead so far in The Kaduna-Abuja train bombing.

See her previous Vile and wicked posts…



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  1. I hope she is taking Lagos State alongside with her. The senseless woman has finally gone. She doesn’t deserve my RIP

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