Police officers look away while Ballot boxes were snatched (video)

The Nigeria Police Force had only one job to do on the 25th of February 2023 during the general elections which is to protect the lives of the electorates and also ensuring that violence didn’t broker. That was their primary duty on that day.

Did they do it to best of our knowledge?

Absolutely nope…

Prio to this election, we wrote an article preemptive of how this election would be between LP VS INEC…..

It was clearly evident that INEC colluded with some state Governors to manipulate the real results of voters which has cast aspersions on the credibility of the polls.

Jkcyno news gathered from the video below how Police officers were bribed in a certain polling unit to look away while ballot boxes were snatched.

Watch the video below..


Just when we thought that Nigerian Electoral system has grown past the era of Ballot box snatching with the introduction of BVAS….? Here we are drawn decades backwards…… BVAS has failed Nigerians, INEC has failed Nigerians…


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