Peter Obi slowly giving hope to Younger generations (video)

It’s rare to see a politician in present day Nigeria set a good example for our kids.

The just concluded PDP and APC  primaries where bribing of delegates with dollars 💵 were the creed if not for Peter Obi  that refused to join the bandwagon.

Nigerians without knowing it had slowly  started accepting that being a Delegate is a life time opportunity to become rich, hence so many comedy skits already coming up to unconsciously uphold BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION as a norm.

I’m immensely proud of Peter Obi for being the rare good example. God bless him and his family for giving us hope amidst our pain and despair.

Peter Obi has slowly rewritten the terrible narratives. The younger generations are beginning to understand that credibility is key and prudence isn’t stinginess.

Watch video below..

This one is the ring leader,…. There’s hope for the future. 

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One Thought to “Peter Obi slowly giving hope to Younger generations (video)”

  1. Nemelum

    I love that, gradual changing the mindset of future generations

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