Peter Obi Marks UNESCO World Philosophy day at Unizik

His Excellency, Peter Gregory Onwubuasi Obi marked the World philosophy day yesterday at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka during their Alumni Home coming.

He wrote below :

“Today, as we mark World Philosophy Day, we are reminded of the paramount role of Philosophy as the Queen of All Sciences in promoting critical thinking, ethical reflections, and intellectual discourse about the future of humanity in our diverse world.

We are also reminded of the golden words of Socrates that an unexamined life is not worth living, especially now that we stand on the precipice of a rapidly evolving world. I, therefore had the honour of speaking on “The Human of the Future and the Future of the Human,” at the UNESCO WORLD PHILOSOPHY DAY and ALUMNI HOMECOMING at the Department of Philosophy, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka today, both as a philosopher and a patriotic Nigerian who sees the urgent need for us to examine our lives, both as a country and as individuals, for a more productive nation. The digital age has greatly reshaped our mental landscape, with advancements in technology promising remarkable possibilities. However, amid these infinite possibilities, we must ponder:


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What future we envision for humanity and what kind of society shall we build for future generations in our nation? We must therefore insist on ethical, social, environmental, and moral considerations in building the humanity and society of the future.

This is part of the task of philosophy that is facing you and me today. As Nigerians, we must critically think about our journey, confront the political challenges in our country and redirect our paths. As it is now, part of the future we are building for our country is that of electoral impunity and licensing of even the most despicable acts. Since our generation seems to have lost it, I seize every opportunity I have to appeal to those coming after us, the future of society, to abhor such indulgences and resolve to do things right.

Let us face the future’s challenges and opportunities with wisdom, compassion and a shared commitment to the well-being of humanity and our society. Together, we can shape a future where the “Human of the Future” thrives in harmony with the “Future of Human.”

Together we can build a nation where respect for the rule of law, prudent management of public resources, and ethical leadership will be celebrated, and I assure you that it is POssible. -PO


Everything about you is Presidential….. Africa would have been so Proud of you if not of Mahmood Yakubu….. My President, i salute always 

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