Peter Obi already Uniting Nigerians ahead of win (pictures)

Ahead of the General elections, the leading presidential candidate, Peter Gregory Obi is already uniting Nigerians from all tribes, religion and ethnicity.

Peter Obi’s eventual victory at the polls in days to come would naturally start the healing of the Nigerian nation automatically. Even before then, Obidients across the world have started seeing each other as Nigerians first before tribe.

Meanwhile, Obidients groups have asked for all the persons who were victims of thugs vandalism during the Labour party grand campaign rally in lagos to come up with proofs and their cars would be fixed.

Just like the unity and love experienced during the EndSARS, Obidients have reinvigorated it with more poise.

See the litany of profession of love and commitment to voting Peter Obi below..

The lady above, Adetutu Balogun started the thread….


And the list goes on and on……. This is the New Nigeria about to be birthed where Nigerians would see each other as Nigerians first before anything else….. 

Peter Obi is truly coming..

Peter Obi is coming

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