Pastor’s second Wife – Episode 9

Pastor’s second Wife – Episode 9

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When I arrived at the meeting, my legs were heavy like rock. I couldn’t move them again when I saw the people seated and waiting for me. Our G.O, the church executive council members, mummy G.O, Deji, women leader and mummy pastor were all present in the meeting.

For a moment, i wished the ground would open to swallow me up. My life had certainly lost its value and nothing seemed to interest anymore.

As soon as I entered, I was directed to sit on the only vacant seat. I took my seat with my head bent down. The secretary to the church executive council was the first to speak. After he acknowledged the presence of the G.O and other council members in attendance, he turned to me.

With a angry looking face, so scornful, he said, “Sis Mercy, you left church some months ago, leaving your responsibility as the choir leader without a word. Now you are back with a baby, can you tell this gathering what happened?”, he requested.

It was obvious they had discussed about me, crucified me and only wanted me to give them reasons to bury me finally.

I stood up and brought Shina down from my back, showed his face to all the council members and went back to my seat without saying anything. Shina is a duplicate of Deji, even a blind man could almost notice the resemblance.

I guessed
they understood my message as all of them said “hmmmmm” in chorus. After my drama, there was a short silence. The type that happens when they say “let’s observe one minute silence for the dead”. The silence was cut short when the G.O requested Deji to say what he knew about Shina and my sudden disappearance in

He stood up and could not say anything. He kept moping, so doub founded. The vibrant and outspoken pastor became like a moron and like a sheep taken to the slaughter. Deji has never been this quiet since I knew him. The saying, “You become the slave of your slave if he finds the stolen chicken in your hand” became true.

After about ten minutes, Deji still didn’t utter a word, the secretary to the church executive council stood up and said, “Silence at the face of accusation is a sign of
guilt”. Pastor Olumodeji, you’re the father of sis Mercy’s baby.

If you are not, deny now or face the disciplinary committee of the church. Yet Deji didn’t say anything. He had his head bent down, looking so dejected.


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Our face met each other as he gave me a wicked look. It was as if he wanted to pounce on me for divulging his little devilish secret.

The meeting was adjourned for three weeks when the head of disciplinary
committee would have been briefed.

The church secretary gave mummy G.O a letter for me. This time the church wants to conduct an independent DNA test to ascertain the paternity of my son. The letter contains the date, the time and the medical centre where the DNA will be conducted. I have no issue with the DNA test since it is going to be at the expense of the church.

It didn’t seem as if Deji was remorseful with all that happened. He came to my room anytime he needed sex. He does it without talking to me. I didn’t bother myself denying him anymore because I am now his wife. Moreover if I didn’t allow him, he would rape me. And to be honest, I wasn’t ready for all that even though I
suffered severe pain and bled anytime he slept with me.

In Deji’s house, i was a total stranger and worst still, Deji cares less about how i feel so long as Shina is ok…. So callous and insensitive .

The DNA test was conducted and the result was sent to the church directly. I wasn’t bothered about the result because I already knew what the outcome will be.

When the three weeks of adjournment elapsed, another meeting was called. This time around, the church disciplinary committee chairman and the church medical doctor were in attendance. The faces of the attendees were unfriendly this time.
“Without wasting much time, can we invite Dr Hassan Yakubu for the interpretation of the DNA test result?”, the secretary to the church executive council requested, pointing at the direction of the doctor. The silence in the room was like that of the graveyard as everyone gazed at the doctor’s mouth.

Oh my God, i couldn’t believe what came out of the Doctor’s mouth…..

I must be dreaming .. .


The drama just began…

Hang on for the next Episode….


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