#Obidatti023 : Edo state #OBIdients take the rally to the next Level (video)

The Peter Obi supporters popularly known as the #obidients in Edo state have taken the rally to another radical level on the streets of Edo state earlier today.

Watch video below

This is to show the few opposition people that Obidients ain’t here to play.


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Meanwhile, some coalition of Peter obi support groups held their town hall meeting which had many executives of different coalitions in attendance with the labor party members.

See video below…


Dear Obidients, don’t ever give up or try believing that these WICKED ENTERPRISE OF APC AND PDP TWIN organizations can win the depressed Nigerians…. Keep on doing what you’re doing, even more…. You’re aware PDP had rented an APC former campaign spokesperson to lead them… That’s to show you how wicked, corrupt and Insensitive these guys are….

This election is between Nigeria 🇳🇬 Vs. APC PDP…

Light must win over darkness 

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  1. Nemelum

    Its becoming real

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