Nigerian Soldier brutalize a masquerade (video)

Nigerian Soldier brutalize a masquerade (video)

Sometimes, a particular behavior becomes so consistent that it would be accepted as a norm regardless of its veracity.

Nigeria Military personnel especially the Army have proven to be “demi-gods” whenever they are faced with the Nigerian citizens under any little provocation.

The video below though can’t be ascertained the particular time it happened showed a soldier brutalize a masquerade.

Aside the fact that masquerades are being revered as Deity,a human being cannot undergo such dehumanizing treatment by that soldier.

What had that masquerade possibly done to that soldier?


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Did he steal? Kill someone? Or anything?

Was that enough to dehumanize anyone in a such a manner?

I think the ancestors would be boiling by now…. The army need to do some cleansing for assaulting the gods of our land….they must provide them with sacrificial items….. (on a lighter note).ย 

End policeย  and Military brutality…..


Watch video below


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