Nicki Minaj releases Nude pictures for birthday +18

Nicki Minaj flashes her butt in birthday photos.

Singer Nicki Minaj went fully nude and straddled a giant teddy bear in new raunchy photos for her 39th birthday celebration.  The rapper shared a trio of eye-popping pictures to her Instagram as part of her birthday celebration on Wednesday December 8.

Nicki Minaj flashes nude pictures for birthday

The first photo caught Nicki donning a pink wig as she held a birthday cake in one hand and covered her bare breast with the other.

The following snap captured the rapper straddling a huge teddy bear as she flashed a smile at the camera. She covered her breast with one hand, though her butt was on full display in the photo. Nicki posed fully nude in the second snap, though accessorized with pink high heels.

Nicki Minaj nude birthday pictures

Nicki Minaj birthday nude pictures

The final photo showed Nicki leaning forward as she balanced the cake in one hand and covered both of her breasts with her free arm.



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