My Woman, My Everything – Final Episode

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The nurses around quickly ran to Amelia’s side… She was unconscious. They quickly got a stretcher and wheeled her into the very same ward where Brenda was admitted.

She was placed on a bed next to Brenda. Of course, Dave and Brenda saw her. One would think they would have gloated and torn her apart but they didn’t. Despite the fact that Amelia was never good to them, they appeared to be very concerned about whatever had happened to her. Dave was asked to wait outside as they attended to Amelia.

The impact of the fall on Amelia was worse than the doctors had imagined. She began to convulse and someone sent for Dr. Sam. He rushed into the intensive care unit where Amelia was. The flexible metal spoon that had been shoved in between her teeth by the nurses was giving way as the medical team shuffled around to attend to her. They didn’t notice when she breathed her last.

They tried to revive her but Amelia was dead.
Dr. Sam’s head spun. How was it that within the space of one hour the lady who kissed him and promised him an eventful night fell slightly and died? He was shocked.

Meanwhile in Brenda’s ward, the nurse had administered her follow-up dosage of injection ordered by Dr. sam before he found himself in the ICU attending to Amelia whose body was now ice cold. Brenda too was in trouble. one of the injections already administered to her was the dosage meant to paralyze her.

Dave got into the ward and saw a version of Brenda he had never imagined. She couldn’t move a limb. Dave screamed for help and the nurses responded hurriedly. They couldn’t explain what had happened to Brenda. She had to be transferred to the ICU as well, where she later went into a coma.

Dave was informed by the attending doctor that Brenda had shockingly gone from being traumatized to being brain dead. Brenda’s father fell down and wept profusely upon hearing the news. What sort of ill luck had befallen them?
That day was indeed a very dramatic one at that hospital. But time flies and maybe heals some hurts.

It’s been six months now. Brenda’s pregnancy had to be terminated due to her state but she eventually pulled through the coma after four months. It was a miracle!
No one ever came forward to claim Amelia’s body. She was finally buried alongside other unclaimed corpses rotting away in the government morgue where she was deposited by her never-to-be boyfriend Sam.

Mr. Edwards, on the other hand, was now living from hand to mouth. He had tried to win back the heart of his wife but was not successful. For a while, he lived with friends who kicked him out once they had had enough of him being a burden. Of course, he had no job. His wife had blackmailed him and the University authorities wasted no time in dismissing him.

When he could no longer cope with life in the city, he decided to go back to his hometown to start all over again. He is now a small-scale farmer in the midst of a drought.

Dr. Sam went to prison. He fled the hospital after realizing that his evil had been uncovered. The hospital had traced the injection order which put Brenda in a coma back to him… He was hunted down and arrested. He bagged himself a 4-year jail term after prosecution. His medical license was siezed so he also will never be able to practice medicine again.

Mr. Wilson eventually blessed Brenda’s relationship with Dave. He’ll also be sending the lovebirds to the UK to complete their university education. They hope to get married someday.

And me? I have decided to start minding my business.


I hope you did enjoy the story….. Another scintillating and captivating story, “MY FAITH, MY DESTINY” drops tomorrow…… See you soon!

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8 Thoughts to “My Woman, My Everything – Final Episode”

  1. Ofoma Valentine.

    Hmm. I wish Amelia did die. Wanted her to live and witness what the future holds for Dave and Brenda.

  2. Chiujunwa

    Superb!! I love this story… Please I can’t wait for MY FAITH MY DESTINY

  3. Mr vsl

    Better for you to mind your business, Amelia is very good example of what will happen to you don’t mind your business

  4. Missy

    Oh my God, what a story. Jk thanks again for this. Please make a movie oooo. Sell it to film makers. Nice one

  5. Austin Ekweribe

    Wow! What a happy ending.
    Yes JK, start minding ur own business…. hahhahahaha

  6. Emex

    Tnx so much 4 dis Masterpiece….

  7. Samuel Nkem

    Beautiful story, I really wished Amelia was alive to witness how everything went down with Dave and Brenda, and also how Mr Edward ended up, so that she will know that evil doesn’t pay.

  8. comfort Eyo Mkpanam

    She got what she deserves

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