My Woman, My Everything – Episode 9

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Brenda entered the room full of shock. Her immediate response was to create a scene but much as she felt pained seeing them in bed together, she hesitated in drawing her conclusions.

Amelia pretended to be fast asleep beside Dave. Brenda drew closer to the bed to wake Dave up, completely ignoring her. Amelia hadn’t seen that coming. This wasn’t the reaction she envisaged when she put the scheme together in her head. Her plan was failing.
She got up in anger and said “Lady, don’t you have any respect?! How can u badge into someone’s room like that!”

Brenda giggled and said “I’m so sorry woman, but you are not the one I’m looking for so just hush and stay where you are”
Dave got up immediately. He had heard the voices in his room from his sleep. He didn’t notice Amelia was even beside him. His eyes went straight to Brenda. Amidst all that had transpired between them, it still felt good to see her again. That instant, he wanted to just jump off the bed and hug her… That was when he noticed he wasn’t alone in the bed.

He turned and saw Amelia who was half naked beside him.
“And what are you also doing here dressed like this?” he asked her.
As soon as he spoke, Brenda smelled Alcohol on him and began thinking outside the box. She remained cool.

“Oh Dave, you must be tired… Come on, go back to bed.” Amelia responded.

“Look, I may be a bit drunk but my mind and memory still serves me well. I remember everything, so get up, take up your clothes and get out of here now!” he yelled.

Amelia by now was feeling quite embarrassed. She decided to try some emotional blackmail… She bust into crocodile tears.

“Dave” She called.

“I said get out, before i lose my temper!” Dave commanded her.

She had no option now… She packed her things, wore her clothes and got ready to leave.
Before going out the door she turned to Brenda who was standing close to the entrance… “You may have won this time but you haven’t seen the last of me”

With that, she stormed out. The hatred and anger in her grew more intense. She detested Brenda all the more and told herself she would go to any length to bring her down and win back Dave’s love – even if it’d cost her life. That was how desperate she was.

Brenda on the other hand just wanted her relationship to get back on track and she was willing to tell Dave everything about her life. She was not concerned about the drama that just ended.

“Dave, I’m sorry for whatever happened today. I have a lot of things to tell u…” She said.

“Baby, we can do that in the morning. I think I messed up too. For now, just come beside me and let’s sleep it off.”

Sounded like a good idea to her. She quickly dropped her things and joined him in bed. Dave placed his hands around her and cuddled her from behind. They really missed each other.

Dave whispered in her ears “I love you”
Brenda turned to face him and smiled, then she responded in that sweet soft voice he absolutely adored… “I know you do baby, I love you too”

They cuddled each other so hard that they could feel each other’s breath and heartbeat. It felt nice just lying there together… They started exchanging soft kisses and in no time the passion between them had built up with full force. They had certainly missed each other. Brenda held Dave’s hand, squeezed gently and put it in her mouth. She began kissing and licking his fingers… Dave enjoyed that thoroughly…

“You are so naughty! How do you know to do all this?” he asked.

Brenda laughed out loud, she was amused by his question… Dave found it funny as well and soon, they were both laughing out loud.

“Well my dear, I just go with the flow” Brenda answered.

Dave tickled her waist, cracking her up even more. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and fun. They were both happy together… Their love for each other was pure and sincere.
They continued exploring their passion and eventually went to sleep in each other’s arms.

The night passed quickly and soon it was the beginning of a new day.
Brenda and Dave stayed in bed. They decided to skip lectures that day.

Meanwhile, on campus, students had begun making up stories around the photo of Brenda they had seen with the resource person.
Rumors about the alleged high-powered affair had spread all over campus and those who didn’t know Brenda were eager to meet her.

Lectures began promptly at 8am. One would have thought that Amelia wouldn’t be present but she was right there on campus for the first class of the day, like nothing had happened the night before. It was Mr. Edwards class that morning. He organized an impromptu class quiz once he noticed that Dave and Brenda were absent. It was his way of getting back at them.

Pretty much the entire class struggled with the quiz as they weren’t prepared for it. It was going to be difficult for any of the students to reach the pass mark.
Amelia knew there was no way she could pass. She just glossed over the questions, fabricated answers and patiently waited for the test to be over.

Only a handful of students appeared to be writing anything and finding the quiz easy.

Back at home, Dave had prepared and served Brenda breakfast in bed. Soon as she finished eating, Brenda called Dave to her side to tell him who she really was.

“Dave, I’m not sure how you’ll take this but I can’t hide it forever. I have to be honest with you.” She said.
She stood up from the bed and began her story

“My Name is Brenda Emerald Wilson, the only daughter of Mr. Andrew Wilson. My mum died at my birth so I was brought up by my dad. I went to the UK for my first degree and only returned to Nigeria after my program.
Money, house, cars… Name it, I have them all. What I lacked, however, was a listening ear. What I lacked was someone who could make me laugh. What I lacked was a true friend.
That’s why I came back to Nigeria, and back to school. I wanted to start all over again without my father’s knowledge or his clout.
But I got here and found something else. Something beyond what I sought. I found a friend that was all I wanted and more. Love, affection, kindness and everything a lady could ever ask for. I came to meet my Dave, who is sitting in front of me right now and staring me in the eye. I came to meet love.

Dave, this is who I am, Brenda Emerald Wilson. I’m sorry for keeping this from you. The man you saw yesterday, Mr. Andrew Wilson, is truly my father”

Dave looked at her and was completely silent for a moment. He then drew closer and standing in front of her, held her hands and said:

“You are still my Brenda. The girl I’m in class with. My woman; the girl that has brought out the best in me. I love you and I don’t care about what you have or what you are. I simply love you”

They gave each other a long hug and spent the rest of the day together.

The impromptu class quiz was over. Mr. Edwards took the papers and went to his office. Amelia followed closely and went into the office after with him.

“How may I help you lady?” Mr. Edwards asked.

Amelia: “Sir, I couldn’t answer the questions in the test you conducted. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to make up… A resit or anything at all.”

Mr. Edwards knew what Amelia was attempting to offer. But he needed to play smart, especially after his most recent experience with Brenda and Dave.

“Lady, there is no resit with my quizzes. What you can do is study and make up with the main examination” he answered

Amelia giggled as Mr. Edwards tried to be difficult. She decided to call a spade a spade. She looked around and saw the brown envelope which contained the photos of him with Brenda at the hotel.

“Sir, or better still, Mr Edwards… You know, it’s funny that you are trying to prove difficult. You see, you have had your way with Brenda and I already have copies of what that envelope contains. So cut out the drama. We can settle this matter right here and now, or we can meet up meet somewhere later, it’s your choice.” Amelia said, hitting the nail on the head.

Mr Edwards face fell… He was shocked. But he could also see he had no option; besides, he figured he could use Amelia to get what he wanted from Brenda…

Hang on for for the Next Episode….

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  1. Ofoma Valentine.

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    I luv dis story, won’t comment cos dis story is filled wit suspence

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    Hmmmmmm, love nwa ntinti. Amelia is just suffering from chronic maleria; so much bitterness. I love the storyline most importantly.
    Thanks JK, please keep it coming

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